ARGYLL Ltd. carries out structural survey on new and existing buildings to assess your building for signs of structural distress and movement. ARGYLL Ltd. comprehensive structural survey involves and extensive investigation of the property and a thorough examination of all the major aspects and minor details that are visible. The Structural Surveys will include inspections of roofs (internally & externally), walls (internally & externally), floors, windows and doors, chimney stacks and parapets, decorations, garages and outbuildings, grounds and boundaries, along with any defects such as dampness, structural damage, as well as timber decay.

As part of all surveys, we carry out a detailed assessment of the fabric and structure of the building looking at the structure, general condition and outward appearance. Absolutely everything that is visible or easily accessible is placed under close scrutiny in the search for problems trivial and major.

Following each assessment, Argyll (E.A) Ltd. provides clients with a highly detailed report. This report will be embellished with floor plans, diagrams and pictures to enhance the content. Our Engineers will list every defect found. It is important to note that almost every building will have some defects and a long list of them does not necessarily mean that the property is not worth purchasing. However, you should end up with a priced list of all major and minor pieces of repair and maintenance work that need to be carried out on the building.

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