ARGYLL LTD. provides Radioanalytical Services to a variety of clients across multiple industries. These services are aimed at ensuring all items and products meet the minimum threshold as it relates to radiation emission, thereby safeguard their clients and communities at large from the effects of ionizing radiation. ARGYLL LTD. Radioanalytical services are provided to clients in the following industries:

Food and Agriculture

Given the potential harmful effects of radiation, even at low levels, there is a need for active monitoring of agricultural produce that is imported and exported from any region. ARGYLL LTD. provides radiation monitoring services for agricultural produce on a continuous basis, and ensures that all produce provided complies with regulation set forth by the Kenyan Radiation Protection Board, or any other region in which our services are requested.

Typical food items inspected by ARGYLL LTD. include sugar, milk powder, cheese, fresh fruit, and barley. Agricultural products on the other hand include fertilizers and agricultural chemicals like pesticides.

Mining and Mineral Processing

Given that mined minerals in the region are mostly for export purposes, and are exported in their raw form, there is need to ensure these materials in their raw form have been inspected and certified in conformity with international standards for radioactivity content. ARGYLL Ltd. can provide clients in the mining and mineral industry with inspection services that ensure that natural occurring radionuclides (NORM) in these raw material meet international thresholds. Typical materials include coal, mineral sand, Banket, Illmenite and Rutile among others.

Manufacturing and Energy Sectors

One of advantages of radiotracer is based on simple fact that it is easier to detect radioactive entity than non-radioactive isotopes of the same elements. Based on this,  ARGYLL LTD. radiotracer diagnostics techniques ensures companies do not experience plant shutdown by detecting and troubleshooting plant unit processes (E.g Distillation and Fractionating columns) extensively used in chemical and petrochemical industries..

Transport and Logistics

Radioactive materials are classified as Hazardous goods and therefore strict guidelines on their safe transport have been formulated by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to member states. IN providing logistical support to our clients transporting hazardous material, ARGYLL LTD. adheres to these guidelines on the regulations for the safe transport of radioactive material (Specific Safety Standard SSR-6)


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