Radiation Protection and Shielding

The shielding that ARGYLL LTD. undertakes primarily involves the use of lead or other high density material to shield against ionizing radiation. This involves constructing walls, service penetrations, lead lined doors and lead equivalent windows and screens. Argyll’s can design and install radiation protection systems for a wide range of applications from medical ionizing radiation shielding to industrial shielding. As all projects are unique, we pride ourselves on our ability to integrate installation with all other trades.

ARGYLL LTD. can also supply individual components such as radiation shielded doors and windows for installation by others.

Radiation Protection Specification:

  • ARGYLL LTD. can install lead sheets or plates of varying thickness, depending on the Radiation Protection Advisor’s calculations.
  • Radiation Shielded walls can be built either as stand-alone partition walls or formed against existing structural walls, to a decorative finish.
  • ARGYLL LTD. can provide support for the walls in manual or powered swing and sliding radiation shielded doors, which include neutron protection.
  • Various fixing techniques are employed to counteract the immense load put on the support structure, ensuring vertical supports can compensate for ceiling deflections.
  • Lead baffles have also been developed in order to deal with service penetrations without losing radiation shielding effectiveness.

All orders are designed whilst considering the dynamics of a working site and the external services which may impinge upon performance.

This approach allows us to regularly monitor the situation and to produce a suitable action should a possible risk be noted. This ensures any local problem can be addressed quickly, with minimal impact on the programme.

For more information on how ARGYLL can meet your Radiography needs using Radiation Protection and Shielding, please contact us at radiography@argyll.co.ke