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Argyll (EA) Ltd was formed to fill a gap that exists in the regional inspection market. East Africa’s economy is on the brink of a new era of opportunities, growth and development. Local businesses and entrepreneurs are positioned to play a crucial role in ensuring that the region is ready to take up this challenge. Growth will increasingly be supported by Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) flows into offshore natural gas resources in Tanzania, and the onset of oil production in Uganda and Kenya. Furthermore, with the growth of the East African Community (EAC), there will be an increased emphasis on widening and deepening economic integration in order to improve the quality of life in the region through increased competitiveness, value added production, enhanced trade and investment.

These elements of growth in the region present Argyll (E.A) Ltd with the opportunity to establish itself as a world class provider of inspection services across various inspection lines such as Non Destructive Testing, Radiography Services, and Structural Assessment, inspection services that have historically been outsourced to international firms.

It for this very reason that Argyll (EA) Ltd was formed, so as to safely and cost-effectively provide world class solutions for the full range of each customers unique needs, and to make Argyll Ltd the most trusted provider or inspection services in the Region and the African Continent

At Argyll, we recognize that your success is directly linked to your product’s integrity, safety, and reliability. Our mission is to reduce the potential danger to human life and operations by assuring the integrity of your products using a broad range of inspection techniques and technologies.

Our success is based on a set of core values:
  • Safety and Health Stewardship... Safety and health are an integral part of all our business activities. We believe that all safety incidents are preventable and our goal for them is zero.
  • Customer Satisfaction... We ensure that the highest level of quality service and product conformance is delivered flawlessly to our customers knowing that this is key to the success of our business.
  • Leadership... We will continue to strive to be the leading "one source" provider of inspection and radiography services in the region. We practice leadership and integrity in all areas of our business including diversity in our people and sophistication in our services and products.
  • Our Employees... We understand that our people are key to our success and everything we do reflects on their integrity, skills, ethics and commitment, and in return, they deserve to be treated fairly and with trust and respect.
  • Enhancing Investor Value... By meeting our core values, we will be able to increase and maintain profitable growth and enhanced investor returns
Our goal is to attain, by 2024, a leadership position in the African inspection industry by focusing on technical expertise and customer service. We are uniquely qualified to provide state-of-the-art inspection services that meet our clients’ needs for accurate inspection and analyses, fast turnaround and competitive pricing plus best-in-class consulting and training services.

o   NDT Services:
o   Radiography Services:
o   Structural Assessment Services:
o   Telephone Number: 020 240 9803 or 020 240 9805


Our Argyll Code of Conduct has been revised effective May 1, 2014 to address changing laws that impact our business. It is designed to provide our employees with specific guidance. All Argyll employees (Part & Full Time) are expected to embrace the principles of our Code and:
  • show respect in the workplace;
  • act with integrity in the marketplace;
  • ensure ethics in our business activities; and
  • perform work responsibly for our shareholders.
Our Code encompasses the Values and Behaviors which form the Basis for Our Culture and are the keys to achieving our Mission, our Vision, our Strategies and the Success of Every Argyll Team Member.
  • Safety above all else
  • Integrity and Ethical conduct
  • Customer Responsiveness
  • Perfect Service and Products
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Leadership
  • Innovation and Differentiation
  • Continuous Improvement and Growth
  • Urgency, Passion and Commitment
  • Professional and Positive
At Argyll we believe that our Code of Conduct remains our roadmap and compass for doing business the right way all the time.


To safely and cost-effectively provide world class solutions for the full range of each customers unique needs – from the routine to the most challenging – and to make Argyll (E.A) Ltd the most trusted provider of inspection services in the African Continent. 

Our Mission commits us to safely provide the very high standard of “World Class” inspection solutions. This designation denotes standard-setting excellence in terms of design, performance, quality, Customer satisfaction and value when compared with all similar services from any other source, anywhere in the world.  

World Class means consistently delivering products, services and processes that are ranked by our Customers and industry-experts to be among the best of the best.

We strive to focus on competitively providing solutions to each Customer’s needs within the service lines we provide, and to do so flexibly and responsively to the specific local circumstances and requirements. At the same time, our mission commits us to the same high level of quality, care and dependability no matter what the size, duration, complexity or urgency of each challenge. Consistently serving every Customer this way, every day, will provide them with exceptional value, and make us a trusted partner to each one – assuring that we always fulfill our Mission!


To safely and ethically establish Argyll (E.A) Ltd as the regional leader, and a top provider of all our inspection services lines by 2024, through Innovation, Regional Collaboration, Market Dominance, Project Excellence and Customer Service Perfection.

Our Vision commits us to be recognized as the leader in every one of the inspection services we offer by 2024, and to accomplish this with absolutely no compromise to our foundational commitment to cost efficiency, safety and ethical conduct in all we do. This commitment of leadership is based upon and driven by our Mission of providing World Class solutions to our Customers and consistently building relationships with them of confidence and trust. Our Vision targets leadership for Argyll (E.A) Ltd in the Region, and Continental Recognition as a top tier inspection service provider.. We will achieve our Vision through every team member living the values and behaviors contained in our Codes of Conduct, and by establishing and executing to a definitive plan and schedule for establishing the aforementioned leadership.    

By delivering “Perfect services” we mean that we will at all times strive to ensure that each service we deliver fully satisfies all of the Customer’s requirements and expectations as requested – and also ensures that the entire process of delivering those services and products is a pleasure for our Customer.

Especially important to our success will be driving innovation, implementing Teamwork, dominating our target markets and Customer relationships, excellence in project performance and consistently delivering perfect services and products.


Our primary objective is to build investor value through profitable growth, with disciplined, efficient use of capital and a commitment to our core values.

Principal components of our strategy include:
  • Continuously improving the efficiency, productivity and quality of our products and services and their respective delivery in order to grow revenues, operating margins and generate free cash flow from operations in all of our service areas.
  • Through a commitment to innovation, invention and integration, utilizing new and tested products and services that meet the evolving needs of our clients.
  • Further extending process, productivity, quality, safety and competency across all markets we operate in in scope and scale at a level consistent with meeting client demand for our products and services in an operationally efficient manner.


ARGYLL Ltd. provides quality Non Destructive Testing (NDT), Radioanalytical Services, and Structural Integrity Assessment Services using an integrated and fully functioning management system (MS).

The MS ensures competency by the following means (but not limited to):
  • effective policies to provide leadership and guidance
  • effective procedural information to establish standards of performance that can be measured
  • implementing strategies and allocating resources as applicable to seek new methods
  • selecting appropriately skilled and competent staff and contractors
  • identifying the methodology and quality measurables in which tasks are to be performed
  • providing a work environment and equipment suitable to carry out the work in a compliant way
ARGYLL Ltd. Further promotes the improvement of competence through:
  • continuance of training programmes
  • management review and evaluation of all initiatives and schemes to improve competence
  • peer & client reviews
  • internal and external audits of standards, facilities and services
  • formal competency checks (e.g. certification, computer-based and self-assessment tools)
  • safety observation and incident investigation reports detailing MS improvements
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Argyll (EA) Ltd.